Wardrobe Consulting

Kirbys Mens Wear Tampa Wardrobe Consulting

We offer men’s wardrobe consulting to help you select the perfect items for your physique, coloring, and lifestyle. We can also evaluate and advise on how to update and enhance your existing wardrobe.

Our expert staff will meet with you by appointment either at our store, your home, or your office to help define your body type.


our consultants WILL HELP YOU:

  • Determine the best styles and silhouettes for your body type

  • Select the hues and patterns that complement your style and coloring

  • Choose the fabrics that fit your lifestyle and enhance durability and wearability

  • Build an accessories inventory to accent and extend your wardrobe

  • Ensure that sharp tailoring gives you the most comfortable fit for around-the-clock wear

over time our consultants will:

  • Prepare prior to your visit to show you what works for your wardrobe

  • Present an assortment of selections at your home or place of business

  • Advise you about new merchandise that will enhance your wardrobe

  • Coordinate various clothing items and accessories for your consideration

  • Provide family members and friends with appropriate gift ideas


  • Determine how to reorganize and update your existing inventory for better utility

  • Tailor your clothing for increased comfort and longer wear

  • Establish color coordination and accessorizing to simplify your dressing experience

  • Improve your presentation in both professional and casual settings


“ I can call in and it's like Jeff knows what I need before I can tell him.”

/ cal H. /


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